Stansted Airport, the M11 conundrum and how much time to leave for the journey to the airport

So there we were yesterday, the 6th June 2018, heading for Stansted Airport to collect our clients.

Moving along quite nicely, heading south from Cambridge, we got to within 2 miles of the Stansted Airport junction on the M11….. and then crawled along for around 40 minutes in heavy traffic to get to the turn off.

Judging by the number of drivers who, perhaps in desperation, decided to ignore the highway code and risk a large fine and/or conviction by scooting down the hard shoulder I am guessing that a fair few flights were missed.

As I said,  we were picking up and had left plenty of time, so when we got the call to enter the quick pick up zone and collect our clients we were ready and waiting circa 2 minutes drive away.

When we set off to pick up our passengers there was no indication that a car and a petrol tanker were going to collide on the M11 somewhere near Harlow.

By the time we had crawled the two miles to the M11/A120 exit the queues for Stansted Airport, from both north and south were massive; the northbound traffic was queueing from the M25!

So take your laptop… or a book and leave yourself a bit more time to get to the airport.

Allowing an extra 30/45 minutes may still not be enough given the chaos that ensues on our motorway & road networks when accidents or bad weather get in the way but by allowing that extra time it’s amazing how much more relaxing the trip to the airport is and that’s a good way to start any journey.

At the worst you will be able to relax at the airport and perhaps get a bite to eat…. at best it could save you from a missed flight.

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Stansted Airport – quick pick up & drop off charge

Stansted quick drop/pick up parking fees
Stansted Airport parking charges – as at 1st June 2018

UPDATE May 2019

Quick zone now £4 – 0-10 mins

The easiest way to get into and out of Stansted Airport is the quick drop and pick up point if you have limited luggage or just want a quick exit.

Here are the latest fee’s charged by the Airport.